Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tobey Maguire's diet preparation for Spiderman

The famous actor such as Tobey Maguire upon the preparation on his up coming Spiderman films he needs to be physically fit in order to look good on the spidey suit. So how does he prepare himself for the coming roles? Here is what Tobey does to look good;

1.Work out 6 days a week 1-4 hours

a. Gymnastics
b. Yoga
c. Martial Arts
d. Weight Lifting

- Straight-arm dumbbell pull-over
- Dumbbell press
- Decline dumbbell flies
- Incline dumbbell flies
- Pec-deck machine

- Curls
- Dips
- Barbell wrist rotation
- Lying incline with dumbbells
- Full kickback

e. High End Cardio
f. Cycling
g. Running

His Diet (guided by a nutritionist)

1. Being a vegetarian, he goes on his way
2. Dairy products, Eggs
3. Salads
4. Tofu

Good,Fun Exercise + Strict Diet +Right Attitude = Good results, this has always been the formula of a successful weight lose.

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