Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Britney Spears: Diet, Weight Loss, Workout

According to Us Weekly’s “How Brit Got Thin”, Britney Spears lost 26 pounds in one month without a personal trainer, Clenbuterol, or a nutritionist.

How did Britney Spears lose weight? While pregnant, Britney gave in to her cravings: chocolate, bags of Cheetos, and frequent trips to Wendy’s and Chili’s - - sounds familiar?

But that was then, now Britney Spears’ diet is different and it is clearly working for her, in her first two weeks of dieting she lost 12 pounds.

Britney Spears’ diet is simple – healthy snacks [fruit, nuts and low-fat yogurt] and six small meals a day. The days of simple carbs, such as pasta and white flour, are long gone.

Britney Spears’ workout is nicely complemented by breast-feeding, which allows her to burn an additional 500 calories a day. She sticks to her workout routine six days a week – “treadmill for about an hour each morning, then lifting weights and doing situps in the evening.”

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