Monday, October 13, 2008


There are many ways to exercise, but exercise alone could not make you lose your weight, so
what else must you do?

There are 3 things you should consider so that you could lose weight;

1. Exercise -

Have a proper exercise, not just the common abs exercise like sit ups but find an exercise that you will sweat a lot.

2. Proper Diet -

Have a balance diet, for good results, have a nutritionist, they will guide you on your everyday diet. Diets are tricky, always have professional help, read books. If you would go into a diet, doing it yourself will always be a disaster (ask previous doers if you dont believe me)

3. Change Attitude -

Changing your attitude will be the key to all the success. Once the other two are practiced but the attitude does not change, expect results will not follow. It's easy to say i've exercised, and had a diet but to no change, always look at your attitude.

All of these will not be possible if you would not change your attitude, but if you will do this you will notice, that both exercises and balance diet, instead of thinking of it as work, you will think of it as a fun routine in your life.

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